Joint declaration of ministers Teodor Meleșcanu and George Ciamba: "The Romanian Presidency of the EU Council is a major European project and not an instrument of internal political conflict"

As a result of the recent messages published in the media concerning the Romanian Presidency of the European Union Council, we reiterate our constant support for the development and consolidation of the European project. The institutional efforts involved in this sense during the Romanian presidency of the EU Council were oriented and are still being oriented towards this common purpose, both from the external political vision perspective and the technical point of view. The management of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council is entirely assumed by the Romanian Government, the national institution with attributions in this regard. The stimulation of the solidarity and cohesion of the European Union represents a continuous project, a coordinated effort of all relevant actors in this context at European level. Romania believes in solidarity and we consider that we all want a stronger Europe.

The Romanian government deployed and continues to deploy all the necessary efforts to make sure the Romanian mandate at the EU Council presidency is carried out in the best conditions. We understand the responsibility we have regarding such mandate, as well as the challenges that the European Union is currently confronted with in this important moment of its evolution. Thus, through the direct involvement of the Romanian Prime-minister, the entire governmental staff carried out an intensive process of preparation on all its components, both those related to the substance of the files, working agendas, reunion schedules and those related to the logistical preparations. From all points of view, Romania is ready to bring to a good end this desideratum, through a common effort concentrated at institutional level and on the society level, in its entirety, fact acknowledged also by the President of the European Commission, Jean Claude-Juncker, in a clear and unequivocal manner, during the meeting with the representatives of the Romanian Executive held in Brussels.

We underline that at the level of the Government, the Presidency of the European Union Council is considered a strategic project that needs to be supported regardless of the internal political debates. The preparation of this project implied a collective institutional effort at the Government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs level. On 12 December, the Romanian Prime-minister, Viorica Dăncilă, presented the priorities of the Romanian Presidency in front of the reunited Chambers of the Parliament. This is an evidence of the fact that Romania is legitimated by the legislative to achieve this mandate. The Romanian government is ready to take over the presidency and confirmed its availability for the internal cooperation with all the national institutions without exporting the internal political divergences externally.

The Romanian Government considers that the theme of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council shall not be converted into a political instrument in order to assure that through a common commitment we can bring a real contribution to the European project in the next six months. Ministers Teodor Meleșcanu and George Ciamba reinforced the fact that this project does not represent an instrument of internal political conflict, but a country project and a major European project.

The Romanian Presidency of the EU Council represents a change of paradigm for each member state a holding this mandate. In essence, this role implies leading the works of the European Union Council, from the position of an impartial mediator, in order to carry out negotiation efforts concerning the files on the European Union agenda. 

Romania understands perfectly this role of impartial mediator, as well as the complex context in which it will carry out its mandate, the current stage of the works and fixed a realistic ambition level in obtaining concrete results in promoting the European agenda during the mandate. The main objectives in this regard concern the current reflection process on the future of the Union, the Brexit process and the clarification of the future relationship between the European Union and United Kingdom,  the end of the mandate of the European Parliament and of the European Commission and the passage towards a new legislative and institutional cycle following the European elections, the negotiations of the future financial framework of the Union post 2020.

In the context of the challenges the European Union is currently confronted with, Romania confirmed in the dialogue with the European institutional fora and with external partners, that the Presidency of the EU Council intends to contribute to the convergence and European cohesion for a sustainable and equitable development for all the citizens and Members States. The consolidation of a more certain Europe through a plus of cohesion between the Member States represents thus the starting point for the implementation of the policies necessary to manage new challenges in terms of security and to continue the consolidation of the global role of EU. Romania's actions are therefore subscribed to the principle of solidarity, having as a common objective the contribution to the development of a united and strong Europe, as a result of a sustained effort.


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